We started out twenty years ago with a lutino cockatiel named Neal, then came a quantum leap up in size to a wonderful moluccan cockatoo named Sable. Sable became the 'King'
of our flock and helped us raise our daughter Rachael

We settled finally on a small family of pets and began taking them to schools and giving talks on the rainforest, the environment, proper care of parrots and the possibility of extinction.

Two years ago we expanded our activities to encompass a parrot rescue/sanctuary  resource.
The results have proved to be overwhelming. The number of birds we can care for is determined
by the support you can give us. Please help us to continue to provide homes for neglected, abused birds and those that for whatever reason, their owners can no longer provide for.
Click on me to see more of the flock
Click on me to see more of the flock
The flock now  represents over two dozen species. Spring will see additions to the main birdhouse and the  construction of new flights. Maintaining these birds in healthy natural conditions costs a great deal, please donate if you can.
                                            Thank you.
About Us
On a personal note

God created such a wonderful planet
for us to live on....
Why are we not protecting her with
all our might?
And the wonderful creatures...
Why are we pushing so many to the
brink of exinction?

Elle Mott

Two of our founders, Cleo and Elle...1988
About Us