Most of these birds are available for sponsorship and each month we'll be featuring several of them on this page. Sponsorship is not expensive and it's a great way to get  to know them as individuals. You'll recieve an 8x10 picture of your bird along with a biography and a character portrait. You'll also recieve a handsome Certificate of Sponsorship and a beautiful refrigerator magnet with your parrots picture on it.
Birds of the Month
Java is a female Grande Eclectus
parrot. Her owner could no longer take care of her after her husband passed away. She began feather plucking out of boredom but has begun to grow her feathers back since she arrived here 3 months ago. She's a sweet bird but not hand holdable. We have two other Eclectus she hangs out with.
Beauty is a gorgeous  Double Yellow Head
Amazon Parrot. He came to us from North Carolina, having outlived her previous owners. He  has an extensive vocabulary. He like many birds is partial to one sex.
He's  the senior member of the flock being well over 30 years old.

Please sponsor one of these beautiful birds!

The cost is minimal, one full year of sponsorship is
only $80 dollars.
Your contribution will help pay for their food, housing
and health care.

Please look on the The Family pages for other birds
available for sponsorship.

Thank you so much!
Davidson is a big  8 year old African Congo Gray with attitude. He came to us from a home in Oklahoma with a huge vocabulary and a talent for singing opera!
He now enjoys the company of Simmie, another Congo who let's him know when he's heard enough of his singing..
Sponsored Birds
sposored by Steve and Claudia MacMahon
Lyerly Georgia
Oakie, is a lovely Nanday Conure
whose owner unable to care for him
due to allergies, sent him to us. He still recieves her love and support through her sponsorship. He's adjusting wonderfully and has already made friends with Sinbad
another  Nanday.

Sponsored by  Theresa Richard of Kenesaw Georgia

Aubie is a beautiful  Blue and Gold Macaw and for many years a beloved pet.
Donated and sponsored by

Chuck and Lexi Beegle of Cleveland Tennessee
Beloved pets of Pamela and Skip Jernigan, Cartersville Georgia

Sponsored in memory of Pamela

They will continue to brighten the lives of people
that they meet
             Piper, Umbrella Cockatoo
sposored by, Harriet, Steve and Ivy Chase