About Us
For many years we have been offering programs to introduce the public to these beautiful birds, their unique place in the wild and their proper care and needs when kept as domestic pets. We have taken our presentations to schools, clubs,
libraries and a variety of civic venues, tailoring the program to the age and interests of group we are interacting with. 
and sometimes the birds just speak for themselves
With warm spring weather and the completion of our new flights, some presentations and visitation will be hosted at our facility in NW Georgia
This summer we'll be offering a unique program for children combining art with the experience of seeing and interacting with a select
group of our parrot ambassadors.
All of our presentations and programs do require a small donation to cover transportation
and preparation. Please contact Elle or David Mott at Parrot Education Project for more details
or call
706 895 2016
art work by Rachael Mott