The Gallery
These are pictures of the birds at Parrot Education Project.   Beautiful 8x10 prints are available from these photographs for a donation of 15 dollars each for the continued care of the flock.
Katie, African Congo Gray
Sinbad   Nanday Conure
Jade    Orange Wing Amazon
CooCoo   Female Eclectus
LeiLei   Catalina Macaw  (after a shower)
Isabella and Q-Tip   Moluccan and Umbrella Cockatoos

On these gallery pages we want to show you the beauty of these magnificant birds. Hoping that in viewing them you will appreciate how unique they are and come to care for their well being and preservation.

Pink Floyd   Moluccan Cockatoo
Paulie , Blue Front Amazon
Sable and best friend ~ Moluccan and Bare Eyed Cockatoos
Big Fred ~ Greenwing Macaw
Paulie Preening ~ Blue Front Amazon
Isabella  Moluccan Cockatoo
White Floyd, Triton Cockatoo
Sinbad, Nanday Conure
Gallery Page Two