New flights are the immediate need for 2007
This winter saw a great increase in the number of birds we are taking responsibility for. The most important element in our program of care
is to give each bird as much natural freedom as we possibly can. Large roomy flights are the key to this. Our goal this year is to have every bird in the company of 'friends' and to have them flying free
in a number of outdoor flights.

We plan on two types of flights, several very large ones where the
bigger birds can really stretch their wings and fly

and a number of smaller ones where several birds can enjoy as natural a habitat as we can possibly provide them.
Flights like these are expensive to build and WE NEED YOUR HELP
It will take over $6000  to build these aviaries and their shelters.
Your donations are crucial to the success not only of this building program but also to the future of the Parrot Project.

We are a non profit charitable organization in the State of Georgia. 501 c3 tax exempt status is applied for and pending

Receipts for your generous contributions will be provided.